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  • Kistler new salespartner of VEHICO
    All VEHICO products now also available at Kistler. Worldwide.
  • Racelogic Robot Integration
    High-precision driving with VEHICO driving robots and VBox Automotive Technology
  • Jaguar E-Pace World Record Jump
    Enabled by unmanned preparation jumps with VEHICO driving robots
  • EuroNCAP AEB VRU Testing
    Vulnerable Road User (VRU) / Pedestrian Tests: All tests easy to realize with VEHICO driving robots.
  • EuroNCAP Lane Support System (LSS) Tests
    VEHICO steering robots have the best performance values for this test: no interference with the car's LKA system, no cogging, low moment of inertia.
  • Simplified AEB Testing
    Simplifiy your AEB testing with VEHICOs 'Automatic Target Following': less instrumentation, faster testing
  • Inter Robot Communication
    NEW: Reliable communication between robot cars up to 3.5 km
  • Often copied, never reached: The VEHICO Steering Robot
    On-board steering wheel and airbag deployment? With VEHICO's steering robots self-evident since years!
  • EuroNCAP AEB Testing
    Inter-robot communication even between the cars - possible due to the unique flexibility of the VEHICO robots.
  • Automatically driven handling course
    Unimaginable until recently. Now possible. With VEHICO robots. Simple, reproducible, highly dynamical.
  • Support
    Support is a top priority for us. We do not let you down.
  • Multipurpose Pedalrobot CP800
    One robot, no matter which pedal. The ideal system for ADAS testing.
  • EuroNCAP AEB Testing
    Europe's largest automobile club ADAC relies on VEHICO robots as key equipment for EuroNCAP AEB testing.
  • Saving Time
    Customer benefit is important for us. Our control loops don't need time consuming parameterization.
  • Automatic ISO Lane Change
    High dynamic driving. Objective. Without driver influence. Possible with our innovative automatic track control CO.TRACK.
  • Steering Robot
    Is the setup time important for you? We don't know of any other steering robot that can be mounted that fast.
  • Brake Robot
    Fast. Strong. Precise. The optimal solution for objective brake testing.
  • Brake Robot
    Flexible. You can arbitrarily switch between all control modes even within one test run.
  • Automatic Track Control CO.TRACK
    Objective driving, no matter on what surface: tarmac, ice, gravel. Highly dynamical. Precise. Reproducible.
  • Automatic Emergency Brake Testing
    You want to define customized test szenarios? No problem with our driving robots!
  • VEHICO test track for automatic vehicle testing

VEHICO is a leading manufacturer of driving robots and vehicle dynamics control systems for vehicle testing.

Our product portfolio ranging from off-the-shelf or custom driving robot solutions, up to the implementation of highly complex test maneuvers with driving robots in one or more vehicles. Customers around the world benefit from the flexibility and ease of use of our products.

Find out more about our innovative technologies and product ranges available.



VEHICO Steering Robot CS-B - 'discover the possibilities'!. The use of a steering robot has never been easier. Configure your steering angle trajectories through a easy to use web interface. Even nondefault steering maneuvers can quickly and easily be created through a simple scripting language.

What customer say about us

"The VEHICO programming language is brilliant! I can realize everything with it."


Buechnerstrasse 6
38118 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 20835 110
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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