The driving robots for steering, gas, brake, clutch and gearshift are subsumed in the class CO.ACT.

All driving robots can be operated standalone or in combination. Each robot offers multiple control modes, which can be used right away without complicated parameterizing. You can switch between the control modes within a test run to cover most comfortably your indivudual test requirements. Thanks to an intuitive scripting language all driving robots offer extremely high flexibility to program desired manoeuvers. Standardized tests are naturally available as templates. An online input of the desired values is possible for all driving robots as well.  

According to our philosophy all robots can be mounted in diverse cars in a very short time. A driver can still freely sit in the vehicle and operate it in the usual way.

Driving robots from VEHICO are standing for highest precision and reproducibility on the test track - worldwide!


VEHICO SteeringRobot Icon 70px Steering Robot

VEHICO SteeringRobotCS-B 2h200pxThe VEHICO Steering Robots are available in different performance levels from a light version primarily for regular driving with small steering angel velocities up to a steering robot providing steering angel velocities of 1200 deg/sec at 60 Nm.

  • use of the vehicle's own steering wheel
  • airbag deployment unaffected
  • adaptable to all standard steering wheels
  • manual steering while steering robot is switched passive
  • FMVSS 126 / ECE R13-H
  • no safety-critical structures between steering wheel and driver


VEHICO PedalRobot Icon 70px Multipurpose Pedal Robot

VEHICOPedalRobotCP800The VEHICO Multipurpose Pedal Robot CP800 is the ideal solution for ADAS testing. It's unique design allows to use the robot for the brake or clutch pedal. This gives you the freedom to use one pedal robot for a variety of different vehicle tests.

  • 4 control modes: pedal position, pedal force, hydraulic brake pressure and vehicle deceleration
  • switching between control modes possible within a test run
  • pedal force of up to 800N
  • pedal rate of up to 100cm/s
  • multiple systems can be installed in one vehicle
  • compact design, the driver's seat remains free
  • pedal can be overridden by driver


VEHICO PedalRobot Icon 70px Brake Robot

BrakeRobotCB2100The powerful VEHICO Brake Robot CB2100 is characterized by its robust structure and the diverse fields of application. Even emergency and panic braking manoeuvers with extremely high pedal forces and pedal rates are possible.

  • 4 control modes: pedal position, pedal force, hydraulic brake pressure and vehicle deceleration
  • switching between control modes possible within a test run
  • pedal force of up to 2000N
  • pedal rate of up to 120cm/s
  • compact design, the driver's seat remains free
  • brake pedal can be overridden by driver
  • suitable for manual and automatic transmission vehicles


VEHICO PedalRobot Icon 70px Gas Pedal Robot

The compact VEHICOAcceleratorRobotCG300VEHICO Gas Pedal Robot is specifically geared to the necessities of vehicle testing. With the three control modes pedal position, vehicle velocity and distance to another vehicle it is universally deployable.

  • switching between control modes possible within a test run
  • compact design
  • intuitive operation
  • short mounting time
  • suitable for manual and automatic transmission vehicles


VEHICO PedalRobot Icon 70px Failsafe Emergency Brake System

Notbremsaktor montiertDuring unmanned and security-related test procedures one must ensure that the vehicle can be brought to a halt at all times even with a failure of individual system components of the driving robot. The emergency brake system uses the vehicle's brake pedal and can be triggered wirelessly from outside the vehicle. This is an optimal addition to conventional driving robots or custom driving dynamic controls, to enhance security during autonomous vehicle tests.

  • fail-safe operation of vehicle's own brake pedal
  • range of the wireless radio link up to 5 km
  • safe operation even during power failure
  • independent from other systems in the vehicle


VEHICO GearShiftRobot Icon 70px Gearchange Robot

schaltaktor 0687 redThe gearchange robot is designed for vehicles with manual transmission. Unlike a conventional gearchange robot the compact design of our system allows the installation on the gear lever itself, and thus guarantees a fast and easy installation in any vehicle. Through a one-time teach-in procedure of the switching points a quick adaptation to the respective test vehicle is guaranteed.

  • use of the vehicle's own gearshift lever
  • compact design, the driver seat remains free
  • manual gearshift possible with installed robot
  • teach-in of the vehicle's individual switching points
  • gearshift duration faster than 800 ms



Range of Application

All systems are either individually or in combination available. Simple actuation of the steering wheel, the pedals or the gearshift lever can be realised as well as complex trajectories, such as a precisely defined steering maneuver during a braking, acceleration or gearshift process. Such tests are used in various areas of experimental vehicle development, e.g.

  • chassis development (Pulse Steer, Sine Steer, Fishhook, etc.)
  • automation of roller dynamometer test benches
  • unit tests in test labs
  • etc.


Flexibility is the most important to driving robots! VEHICO makes equipping of test vehicles easy. Thanks to the design philosophy of VEHICO robots vehicles can be equipped in the shortest possible time.

What customer say about us

"The simple installation of the VEHICO Steering Robot has convinced us right away. No long removal of the steering wheel, no production of steering wheel adapters and especially no more trouble with the vehicle electronics - just mount the steering robot behind the vehicle steering wheel and start working."


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