One robot - 2 pedals: The Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot CC800 operates both brake and accelerator pedal. For a wide variety of driving tests especially in the area of ADAS and EuroNCAP testing this compact, budget-friendly and quick installable pedal robot is the ideal solution.

The robot gets installed directly in front of the drivers seat and operates the pedals with two easily hooked and unhooked lever arms. Thanks to the integrated freewheeling mechanism in both arms the test vehicle can be driven regularly by a driver even with the mounted robot.

Typical applications of this robot are the current EuroNCAP AEB, VRU Pedestrian and LSS Lane Keeping Tests as well as objective testing of ADAS systems.


VEHICOCombinedPedalRobotCC800 IMG 7814 web  VEHICOCombindedPedalRobotCC800 Pic24 web  VEHICOCombinedPedalRobotCC800 IMG 7803 web


The exceptional concept of the Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot CC800


Further Features


Technical Data

max. pedal velocity brake/acc
100/50 cm/sec
max. pedal force brake/acc
800/200 N
max. pedal travel brake/acc 200/120 mm
power supply
vehicle power supply 11-15V DC
6.5 kg
resolution of pedal position
<0.003 mm




Further Information

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