The compact gas pedal robot or sometimes called accelerator robot has been specifically developed by VEHICO for the needs of vehicle testing. It allows the control of the gas pedal of handshift as well automatic vehicles. With its three control modes pedal position, vehicle velocity and vehicle distance the gas pedal robot offers a wide range of possible applications for vehicle testing. User-defined trajectories can be assigned for each control mode and can be replayed during the test run with the highest precision and reproducibility even in most different cars. Switching between the three control modes is of course possible also within a test run. As for all VEHICO robots we attached great importance to a short setup time and an intuitional operation.


PedalaktorCP800 H150pxVEHICO Case GasPedalActuator H150pxVEHICO Controller GasPedalActuator H150px



The VEHICO Gas Pedal Robot offers the following features

Installation on top of the accelerator pedal

Pedalaktor montiertThe drive unit gets attached on top of the vehicle's accelerator pedal. This mounting approach is characterised by an especially quick and easy assembly. The pedals own restoring force is not affected by the low weight of the drive. While the unit is clamped on the pedal only a suitable counter bearing for the wire rope must be created beneath the pedal. The operation of the pedal remains still possible even with installed pedal drive unit. The driver simply steps on the drive from above and pushes the pedal down.



Other features


Technical Data

interfaces CAN, LAN, RS232, Digital In, Digital Out
power supply vehicle on-board power 11-15V DC
max. operation speed 110 cm/s
max. operation force
300 N
weight per drive
0.6 kg
resolution of pedal position 0.02 mm



Range of Application

For further information about the gas pedal robot contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phone +49-531-20835-110 or contact one of our international sales partner!